Sunday Session Confession – Christmas Countdown

We’ve started putting the Christmas music on rotation at our place…how about you? A radio station that we listen to a lot (96five) has been playing Christmas music all weekend. It’s been fun listening to different versions of carols and other songs associated with Christmas.

I confess that I’m not crafty or terribly creative, but I’ve been inspired by all the crafty and creative bloggers out there doing their own thing counting down to Christmas. So here I am starting my Christmas countdown…with music!

Amazingly this is the first year in a long while that we have had no/nada/zilch involvement in any Christmas carol events or church services, so it’s not as hectic as Christmas has been in the past. With all the lights going up around our neighbourhood, and the wreaths being put on peoplĂ©’s doors I couldn’t go past this song. It also takes me back to the very first time that I heard Harry Connick Jr, singing “It Had to Be You”. Take it away Harry!

In my eyes a Christmas countdown just wouldn’t be complete without this song. I love this fun version from Relient K. What do you think?

So what have you done to prepare for Christmas? Feel free to share your thoughts as a comment, or via my Facebook or Twitter pages. I’ll be posting a song a day until Christmas so if you want to see your choice featured in my Christmas Countdown please get in touch!

Thanks again to the lovely Thea for hosting…

…and to the awesome Kirsty for hosting

Feel free to link up any tunes or confessions with others in the blogosphere! Go on, you know you want to!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Session Confession – Christmas Countdown

  1. Alice, what cool christmas songs! I have a soft spot for Harry Connick Jnr and my daughter loves a christmas movie that came free in one of the newspapers last year “The Happy Elf” which Harry narrated and contributed songs to – I just love his voice. I hadn’t heard the one from Relient K but it is a rocking update of the traditional 12 Days of Christmas – that should be on high rotation at the shopping centres, that would shake things up! Thanks so much for linking up to I Must Confess this week!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Kirsty! Have you also heard the Shrek 12 Days of Christmas? Think I prefer Reliant K’s version better! Hope you’ve had a great week!

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