A Choral Christmas (Win!)

Today’s contributions come to you courtesy of Christine Gora, the owner of Kids Music Toys, who has kindly agreed to a giveaway, but more about that later in this post!

First up is a carol by the English composer, conductor and arranger of mainly choral music, John Rutter.

Christmas Lullaby

The next piece of music is by another English composer, Benjamin Britten. In 1942 he composed a work called “A Ceremony of Carols” which included this song.

This Little Babe – Benjamin Britten

This particular song is based on a Basque medieval carol. Enjoy this version by this version by this group of talented ladies.

Gabriel’s Message – All Angels.

The words to this final hymn were written by the English Methodist minister, Frederick Pratt Green in 1971. It was arranged by Gustav Holst, (another English composer, known for The Planets) to a medieval melody, originally composed in 1582.

Long Ago, Prophets Knew


Now on to the giveaway :)

As a way of saying thank you to everyone who has helped me get to my goal of 50 likers (and beyond!) on Facebook I’m hosting a giveaway. Christine has kindly offered $50 for one lucky person to spend over at… 

Here are the rules to enter…

1. Australian residents only.

2. Please leave a comment below. One entry per person.

3. The competition will close at 10pm on Thursday 29/12/11, Queensland time.

4. The winner will be drawn randomly.

5. The prize is for $50 to spend at Kids Music Toys, kindly donated by the the store’s owner Christine Gora. Postage and handling to be paid by the winner.

Do you like choral music? If not, which style of music do you like? If you won the prize what would you spend it on?

Also while I remember, don’t forget to pop along to the Kids Music Toys Facebook page and say hi as well!

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34 thoughts on “A Choral Christmas (Win!)

  1. Hi beautiful lady! How did I not know that you blogged? I’m loving what I’ve seen/heard tonight and will be stalking you alot more in the future!!! Love to you!

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  3. Choral music is not really my faviourite, but having said that, I’m not sure what is! I guess it deepened what I feel like listening to at the time.

  4. Pingback: Thanks Shai! | MusicAl Mama

  5. I love Gospel Choir music. You know, Harlem Gospel style. Just so full of emotion. I just had a look at their web-site…those sound puzzles look awesome !

  6. Pingback: Thanks Emma! | MusicAl Mama

  7. I love watching the kids get involved in music, would love to get some drums for my little man!

  8. i would spend the money on various musical instruments for my family day care business. my favourite type of music is free style !!! listening to what the children create is music to my ears!!!

  9. I love all kinds of music- especially acapella! If I was to win the gift voucher I think I would purchase the Halilit Baby Maracas. Just gourgeous! At the moment my 9 month old son is loving to shake instruments and hear the sound.

  10. Choral stuff is fine – but I’m into field callers at the moment. Music made by the community at work to lift spirits, to share/express heartache, whatever the purpose. The music has life. And lots of easy repetition. After all as I kid I didn’t know all about Ring-A-Rosy being about the plague but I knew I liked singing and falling about.

  11. It’s so lovely to see the versions you have selected of some of my favourite carols. I had not heard All Angels before – they really are a talented group! My daughter Rebeca particularly appreciates “Long Ago Prophets Knew”. We are both looking forward to being able to do this with our church choir.

    Thank you for your refreshing blog. Music speaks for itself and has the power to touch many hearts.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for dropping Christine, and for your generosity in providing such a wonderful prize to giveaway. Enjoy performing with you daughter and your church choir. Merry Christmas!

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  13. What a great giveaway – my little tot is so responsive to music, Ive tucked a few bells, a whistle, drums and a homemade CD into her stocking this year

  14. Hi, I would love to purchase the Melissa and Doug Band In A Box if I were to win the voucher. It would be ideal for my three young daughters to ‘jam’ together!

  15. Pingback: Mary | MusicAl Mama

  16. There are some choral songs that I prefer over others. I like popular music. The prize will be spent on a, “Fish Guiro,” and, “Melissa & Doug Zoo Animal Sound Puzzle.”

  17. I love Choral music and if I was lucky enough to win, I would have a tough time working out what to buy. My favourite items from the store would be the Melissa and Doug Band in a box, and the Melissa and Doug sound puzzles.

  18. I don’t mind Choral Music – but only in short bursts ;)
    I would buy a nice drum for our Cooper to drive the neighbours crazy with – only joking but he loves all things musical but at his age a drum is a good start

  19. Congrats on 50 likers :) We always loved music as children and I know my little girl would love anything from the store :)

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