My sister

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday, so this Sunday Session is dedicated to her.

First up a song that my sis played heaps, and one that I grew to love too. We played in a band together for a while. I played drums, and my sister wrote song lyrics with her school friends (my sister and I went to different high schools).

Cannonball – The Breeders

Over the years my sister and I have had fun dancing together. We did traditional Indonesian dancing when we were younger, sang along to Abba together, and went clubbing together on both sides of the globe. This song brings back lots of great memories…”it’s garage, innit?”

Rewind – Artful Dodger featuring Craig David

Growing up in Australia in the 80′s this was one of the bands that we listened to. Very appropriate considering my sister and brother-in-law are holidaying in Barbados. I’m sure that they’re soaking up all the sun that they can get before they return to London!

Barbados – The Models

This last video is one of my sister singing at a drum ‘n’ bass gig in Lithuania.

MC Lady Free

Happy birthday for yesterday sis! Look forward to a time when we can jam together!!

What have you been listening to lately?

Why don’t you share it with us over at Thea’s blog?


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2 thoughts on “My sister

  1. I think it’s great the way music brings back such memories for us. I find that food does the same thing. Hope your sister had a great birthday and it was wonderful meeting you in Brisbane.

  2. Bless to you, your journey and your words. It was a few months ago now but I had a wonderful birthday and it was wonderful to come across your message! Mwah to the best sister ever!!! xxx

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