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Recently I was very fortunate to attend the first Say Hello Blogger workshop in Brisbane. The lovely and talented Dani and Melissa (aka Suger, pictured below) did a wonderful job bringing it all together. *Mexican wave* WOOT!


There are some fabulous posts about the event. Check out the list of attendees! Here are some of the snippets that I learnt on the day.


1. The Queensland Blogging community is ALIVE and KICKING! So, the question begs to be asked, when will Brisbane get to hold a national bloggers conference? Going by the enthousiasm of the people in this group shot photo it’s not far off!! (BTW I’m loving my Migoals Inspire Book)


2. It’s time I started getting to know my camera better. Talented photographers Zoe and Danielle shared very useful, practical tips on taking good photos for blogs. Zoe even brought in her special op shop bargain table, which was being eyed-off by the very elegant LouLou :) Of course not everybody can get their hands on the latest schmicko DSLR camera, but that was not the issue. The ladies both stressed the importance of getting to know our cameras, and to TURN OFF THE AUTOMATIC SETTING ON THEM. I’ll admit I’m a bit scared by this, but looking forward to what comes out of it!


3. I need to use my time more effectively. The dynamic duo of Kelly and Jacqui presented their segment of the workshop, covering content, audience, and life balance with such passion! Kelly talked about investing…in ourselves as bloggers, and in our audiences. She also stressed being authentic, just as Suger did in her opening session of the day. Jacqui  talked about maintaining a balance in life, and suggested technology free days/evenings throughout the week. She highlighted the importance of prioritising time with our loved ones by stepping away from computers and phones regularly. It’s all too easy to get caught in the trap of checking your social media channels when you sit down to write a post, isn’t it? So Jacqui’s suggestion was to write a list of the things you want to accomplish when you sit down at the ‘puter, and to schedule social media time after writing for your blog.


4. Legally I can only share youtube videos on my blog that I myself have created. I already knew this deep down, but I have so enjoyed regularly joining in with Thea’s Sunday Sessions! The beautiful Stacey (who I sat next to) did a fine job telling us about being on the right side of the law as bloggers. You can find out what she talked about in her post Bloggers are publishers too – some legal stuff you REALLY need to know..


5. Finally, and most importantly, I just need to be me! (Look at me, without an i-device. I’m a bit if Nokia loyalist, as I found out Lisa is too.) Suger’s blogging story which started of the day, was encouraging and inspiring. No matter which niche you are in, being yourself is key. People will hang around your blog if they know that you’re just being little old YOU.


A huge thank you to the very talented bloggers who presented and put a fabulous day together. Suger, Sass, Stacey, Dani, Maddie, Zoe, Kelly, Danielle & Jacqui.

Finally a big drum roll to Oana from TRX Photography for the use of her photos from the day:)

I can’t wait until the next time!!


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8 thoughts on “Say Hello Workshop

  1. I am so hoping I can get to the next one! (Although I’ll be the newbie!!) I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s takes on the day. Wouldn’t it be great for Brisbane to get its own conference one day?! (I don’t have any i-devices either!)

    • Thanks for dropping by Deb. Really hope you can make the next one. I’m sure that it’ll be bigger, and it would be great to finally meet you!! Glad to know I’m not alone in my lack of ownership of i-devices :)

  2. Great wrap up Al!! Thanks so much for the mention, I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

    Can I just say the blog looks FAB!! Not sure when the new look appeared but it looks amazing. I’m probably a hundred years late, but heck, a compliment is a compliment.

    • Thanks for dropping by Mrs Suger!! Glad you like the site…still some tweaking to do. You and Dani such an awesome job putting the day together. I’m dreaming of a blogger event at the Powerhouse in the future, what do you think? ;) )

  3. I thought I saw you in some of the photos that were floating around on Instagram ! Looks like you had a great time :) I actually bumped into Danielle and Melissa at Sydney Airport – they were heading home, I was off to DPCON12.
    Hope we get to meet (again!) soon :)

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