Quiet time

Over the years, as our kids have grown older the afternoon nap has turned into quiet time. There is the odd occasion where one of them will actually fall asleep, but that isn’t all that often. Recently we were in the car at this time, so I’d like to paint a picture of what it was like for us…

Quiet time?

Husband: “OK kids if you need anything now please say it. Otherwise, no more talking please.”

About 10 seconds later…

Kid 1: “Can I listen to -”

Me: “Sssh. It’s quiet time.”

About 20 seconds later…

Kid 2 “Stop it! I don’t like it!”

Hubby “Kids, what did we say? It’s q-u-i-et time!”

silence. A few minutes of silence.

Kid 3 “Where’s my drink bottle? I’m thirsty.”


Does this story sound familiar to you?

Just wondering.

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4 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. Yes! This is our scenario all the time!! We play a little game called “The quiet game”, where after the count of 3, everyone has to be quiet for as long as they can. I’m amazed at how well it works – but I guess it’s friendly competition between the kids, to see who can stay the quietest for the longest time.
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