Born to …

How would you finish this sentence?

I was born to…

  • create
  • teach
  • sing
  • cook
  • be wild?

For the last few months I’ve been training for a fun run, which takes place this coming Sunday (May 12th), which is also Mother’s Day here in Australia. It’s called the Mother’s Day Classic, and it’s taking place in various cities and towns around the country.

Inspired by my sister, and a handful of other friends, I thought it would be good for me to do  something that would:

1) Help others out

2) Improve my health

It was the perfect event to sign up for, as my Mother-In -Law has been affected by breast cancer. You can read my blurb on my sponsor page below, if you like. Also if you have a few spare dollars to donate, you’d be supporting a wonderful cause…but no pressure! My sponsor page will close on Friday May 17th.

While my beautiful sister and her husband were visiting recently, we had the opportunity to run together, and it was so invigorating. Anita was encouraging, and shared some running tips with me, and it was also a wonderful opportunity for us to just hangout and be sisters. She’d run the Paris half-marathon not long before heading down under!

My sister Anita, and I

Sisters <3

Funnily enough, when I was out running recently the Bruce Springsteen song “Born to Run” came up on the playlist. I’ve never been a sporty person, but I’m really enjoying running. I can just put my running shoes on, do some warm up stretches, and I’m off! Lately I’ve felt so much better physically and mentally.

Who’d have thunk it? Born to Run? Definitely not me! ;)

signature 1

Music is…a powerful communicator

Whenever I hear “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins (drumming legend!) my first world problems become a celebratory feast. Click on the link to hear the song.

There are a few others that cut to the bone as well, which I’ll share another time. Earlier this year I was in Indonesia for a family reunion. My life is most definitely paradise compared to that of so many others.

One way that our family likes to help others who struggle to get their basic needs met is by   choosing Christmas gifts from these organisations.

Tear Australia’s Useful Gifts Catalogue

Christian Blind Mission’s Gifts of Life Catalogue

World Vision Gifts

Oct 15: By the way I came across this appropriate post by Annabel Candy – The Power of We. Here she shares about how she is getting into the action for World Vision, and encourages us to do the same, with other bloggers, for Blog Action Day. Annabel also links to other fantastic posts on the same topic.

Have you thought about how you can help others who struggle to get their basic needs met?

Scenes for tired eyes

With Miss Chatty being sick for the past week, and not sleeping well, taking photos has been like fuel for the soul.


In the garden bed of a shopping centre we found this little flower, looking up to the sun, while the clouds were lingering. Some other yellow things that we could think of: cheese, Winnie the Pooh, lemon slice and this sand picture that Miss Chatty made :)



Here they are…my four most favourite people in the world! We decided to visit the Roma St. Parklands after we made use of some movie vouchers that we’d received from a good friend. We saw Oceans, which was beautifully shot, and great for us all to watch. It reminds us all to take care of this beautiful planet.

After a couple of failed attempts to catch some images of moths at night I thought this would be a good substitute. Miss Chatty and I enjoyed some sunshine in our backyard, and found lots of spider webs. This web bounced up and down in the wind, and with my limited abilities to manually focus, I kept snapping away in the hope that at least one photo would be usable. It was fun to experiment with a telephoto lens, and to creep around the garden with Miss Chatty.

I’m a day behind, but I still have one more task left from this month’s Love the Moment challenge. I wonder how the kids will respond?

Six more moments to love


Lego Boy had fun putting this together. It uses fauna from the Wetlands not far from us, some clay and a popstick. Not bad considering that most of his creations these days are “Star Wars” inspired.

This would have to be one of our favourite places in Brisbane so far.

Collecting these, and looking at them from different angles was fun :)

The girls and I had a lovely chat while choosing and painting these. It was wonderful watching how they used the colours.

Dew drops sparkling in the sunshine.

On this particular night hubby was happy to put the kids to bed while I managed to have a night out with some ladies. It was a chilly night, so I wore this purple asymmetrical cardigan, which I scored at a sale about five years ago. Of course our two girls became especially clingy when they realised I was heading out. Perhaps I need to do it a bit more often?

A week of moments to love

Well this week my husband had been home sick with bronchitis, thus, a single post for this week’s challenges. Time each day to take photos has been like therapy…more reason to be thankful for the opportunities to love the moment.


So what do you think of this collaborative effort with my girls? We had great fun putting this together. Princess showed me some different ways to draw fish, and Miss Chatty just had to have a starfish on the ocean floor. The different shades of blue (my favourite colour) reminded me of a visit to the Musee l’Orangerie in Paris to see some of Monet’s Water Lilies.


Miss Chatty, “Look Mama, that big cloud looks like a elephant!”


While hubby was reading a story to Lego Boy, and we were waiting for Princess to be dropped off after gymnastics, Miss Chatty and I played hide-and-seek. She was SO EXCITED when she found me!


Yum…jam and cream. Memories came back of neighbourhood gatherings as a kid, where I had the freedom to control how much jam and cream I placed on my pikelet. Of course, I would go back for another one, then another one…then just one more. Pfft that DEFINITELY DID NOT happen this time ;)


This image reminded me of Kelly’s under an umbrella photo on the Love the Moment collage for May. Miss Chatty had fun at an open day for a pre-school organisation here in Queensland called C & K. The organisation been highly recommended by various sources, so Miss Chatty is on the waiting list of a couple of centres in our area. One of the activities she really enjoyed was playing with this colourful parachute with a bunch of other kids. She especially loved hiding under it. The morning was also a lovely introduction to some of the things she’ll get to do in kindy. I can’t believe our baby starts kindy next year!


Not exactly chasing butterflies, but I love how Princess draws butterfly houses. This was on the front of a birthday card for a little friend. She’s definitely the most prolific artist of us all, producing at least one piece of art per day whether she’s at home or at school. Her art is often accompanied by these words…

 ”Dear Mum and Dad, I love you.”

How blessed are we?

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