Music is…happy sounds

Today the kids and I met up with some from friends from Miss Chatty’s kindy class. With it being school holidays siblings were in tow, and well as our visitor Mr.11 from Perth. The four kids in my care had a ball, which brings me to my second musical reflection for the month.

Music is…

…laughter and squeals of delight as I watch my husband and kids play.

What are some happy sounds for you?

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means…

(lovingly known as IBOT) is happening. THANKS JESS! If you don’t know what it means, click on the link and find out for yourself!

Quiet time

Over the years, as our kids have grown older the afternoon nap has turned into quiet time. There is the odd occasion where one of them will actually fall asleep, but that isn’t all that often. Recently we were in the car at this time, so I’d like to paint a picture of what it was like for us…

Quiet time?

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Had to share!

Ok so I know that I said last week that I wasn’t going to post until after our holiday, but hey the car’s pretty much packed, and I really HAD TO SHARE these songs before leaving tomorrow :) They are SO AWESOME! Not only are they fantastic songs but these particular cover versions are A.MA.ZING!! These guys are so talented! Continue reading

Chosen by Miss Chatty

 As I mentioned yesterday, I’m keeping it in the family for a few days, so this time round Miss Chatty, our youngest, has chosen her favourite Christmas tunes, for the day. I’m sure she’d choose other songs if I asked her on a different day! Thinking about it, I know I would too, especially having come across some new versions of songs in the process of putting this list together. Nevertheless, I digress… Continue reading

Thankful Thursday – Gifts

This week I’m thankful for friends who suggested that I have a birthday festival this year, especially as Lego Boy had whooping cough on the actual day :(

My in-laws told me that this colourful necklace that was made by some ladies somewhere in South Africa, to help their community.

Princess asked Musical Papa to buy these lilies for me the other day. They’ve brightened up our dining table for the last few days!

…and I”m really loving my new hammock for some down time.

Here are the most amazing gifts of all…

I’m linking up with Kate for the very first time :) Why don’t you link up too?

What are you thankful for?

Sunday Session – My girls

After focussing on My Men last week, it seemed natural to focus on my girls this week. This first song carries on from Sting’s lyrics last week…to “BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY”. India Arie is one of my favourite artists, and she featured in my very first Sunday Session play-along :) She writes such thoughtful lyrics that I’m more than happy for my girls (and boy!) to listen to.

Video – India Arie

I know that I’ll never be able to keep my girls away from many of the “ideal” or “popular” images of girls in the media, so I want them to know that we love them for who they are…their own beautiful selves, and that true friends will think the same way.

What’s Beautiful – Everlife

So which tunes have you been listening to? Why don’t you share them with us over on Thea’s blog?

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