Rays of sunshine

I’ve been on this blogging journey for almost a year now, and it’s been A.MA.ZING! I’ve gained lots of inspiration from so many people.

Here are a selection of posts that have been like “rays of sunshine” for me over the past year. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there have been many, many other sources of inspiration.

Rays of sunshine…

    • get me nodding my head in 110% agreement
    • make me laugh so hard that I cry
    • remind me that I’m not alone
    • encourage me on this journey of parenting.

Scrabble White Letter on Red M U letter S

Cath’s Supermum post

Sarah’s post about taking a break from the usual after-school routine to create memories with her kids…Bunking off.

Karen’s post needs no explanation Orange cake is soul food, ironing is not.

Naomi’s 10 tips for avoiding mother-guilt

Megan’s reflections in Sometimes.

Rachel’s Guide to Imperfect, but Clean, Laundry.

Al’s post about stuff…Where does it all come from?

Kate answers the question How do you do it all?

Finally, Louisa thoughts on What makes a friend?

better K Scrabble Black Letter on Yellow I letter D Scrabble White Letter on Blue S

Deb’s post about playing in the rain.

Karen’s post about her youngest one’s choice of language…Someone’s poisoned the waterhole.

Zoey’s post…naps are evil.

Chantelle shares her experiences of what her little one gets up to while she’s in the shower…7 things kids destroy while you shower.

Julie’s post about assessing the situation with our kids…when grace is better than justice.

Duplo letter i letter D letter E letter A S

Kelly’s monthly Love the Moment challenges. It was so much fun taking photos and blogging about my experiences in May of this year.

Ann’s suggestions on How to fall in love again in 4 minutes a day.

Thea’s weekly Sunday sessions.

What are some blogs or posts that have created a little bit of sunshine for you?

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Why Roaming Mum Al?

While trying to come up with a blog name with some meaning I considered a pseudonym that I’ve used since I was a kid. Since then I’ve always loved playing around with words and letters, and I ended up with this, which better describes where I am in life.

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