Music is…a powerful communicator

Whenever I hear “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins (drumming legend!) my first world problems become a celebratory feast. Click on the link to hear the song.

There are a few others that cut to the bone as well, which I’ll share another time. Earlier this year I was in Indonesia for a family reunion. My life is most definitely paradise compared to that of so many others.

One way that our family likes to help others who struggle to get their basic needs met is by   choosing Christmas gifts from these organisations.

Tear Australia’s Useful Gifts Catalogue

Christian Blind Mission’s Gifts of Life Catalogue

World Vision Gifts

Oct 15: By the way I came across this appropriate post by Annabel Candy – The Power of We. Here she shares about how she is getting into the action for World Vision, and encourages us to do the same, with other bloggers, for Blog Action Day. Annabel also links to other fantastic posts on the same topic.

Have you thought about how you can help others who struggle to get their basic needs met?

Music is…the perfect reason for a date

A few nights ago Musical Papa and I were very fortunate to go out on a date…just the TWO OF US!

This is who we went to see…

These tickets were a birthday present to Musical Papa back in August, so the excitement about going out together had been building up for a while.

As it turned out the last time that the 70 year old Legendary Count Basie Orchestra toured around Australia was 40 years ago…before I was born. A couple of the musos in the band have been there for that long, which is incredible!

The sound of the band altogether was like an organism. Each musician contributed to a very rich, warm and round sound, yet when asked to step up for a solo they put their individual stamp on their moment. We were blown away!

Needless to say we had a great night out, thanks to our wonderful neighbour for babysitting the kids!!

Bleary-eyed photo of us after the concert, thanks to the flash!

Click on the link and enjoy Count Basie’s well-known tune “April in Paris”, which the band played as an encore for us…

Have you seen any live music lately?


Music is…part of life’s journey

Music is…

…part of life’s journey.

Recently we were travelling around, with  friend visiting from Perth. We crossed a bridge, and my son started vocalising the beat that he heard as we drove over the road.

Which sounds have gotten you into the groove while on your travels?

Music is…FUN!

Music is…

…having fun with a tune that we already know!

The students in my percussion ensemble love playing this piece, and we’ve made it even more interesting by playing it in a Latin vibe.

Is there a song that you like which is a variation on the original version?

Music is…happy sounds

Today the kids and I met up with some from friends from Miss Chatty’s kindy class. With it being school holidays siblings were in tow, and well as our visitor Mr.11 from Perth. The four kids in my care had a ball, which brings me to my second musical reflection for the month.

Music is…

…laughter and squeals of delight as I watch my husband and kids play.

What are some happy sounds for you?

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means…

(lovingly known as IBOT) is happening. THANKS JESS! If you don’t know what it means, click on the link and find out for yourself!

31 days…music is…

Well my friend Jo is stepping up to the challenge of writing each day for the month of October, so I thought I’d join her. You can read about her motivation in her post over here. Continue reading

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